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ACT Alumni

Delphine De St Paer


Xochitl Torres Small.jpg
Xochitl Torres Small
Xochitl spent some time on the stage at ACT when she was a child.
She returned to the stage at the Rio Grande Theatre to introduce ACT's production of Frumpled Fairy Tales in 2013 and to spend some time talking with the young actors in that production.
She is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Joby Lee Strachan.jpg
Joby Lee Strachan

Joby Lee Strachan worked at ACT while studying at  at New Mexico State University. she is pictured here at the Herschel Zohn Theatre in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe.

Jenna Derr-Guitar
Jenna Derr Guitar

Jenna directed at ACT while she completed his degree at New Mexico State University. She left us after marrying Michael and moving to New York! She is an dInstructor at New England Institute of Technology.

Michael Derr-Guitar
Michael Derr Guitar

Michael Derr directed at ACT while he completed his degree at New Mexico State University until he married Jenna and moved with her to New York. "I am full of thoughts and ideas, philosophies and conspiracies. Ultimately, love conquers all!!!"


Elisa Cundiff 

Elisa began acting as a child at A Children's Theatre under the tutelage of Constance Hasapopoulos. She studied at New York Tisch School of Arts and is an adviser in the Computer Science Department at Colorado State University. "ACT definitely informed so much of my ability to engage, feel comfortable speaking in public, and probably even with my current interest/comfort in working towards being a professor."


Matt Stevens

Matt directed Summer Camp at ACT after completing high school at Mayfield. He has worked at the Los Angeles Film School since 2010.


Rachel Thomas-Chappell

Directed at ACT while she studied Theatre arts at New Mexico State University. She went on to The Second City Conservatory in Chicago. 

Tressa ACT pic.jpg

Tressa Smith 

Tressa is a recent graduate from New Mexico State University with her Bachelor's in Theatre Arts. In her time at NMSU, she emphasized in Scenic Design and designed two shows: Inspecting Carol and My Fair Lady. Tressa began her career with A Children's Theatre in the summer of 2018. ACT has been a place where she found her love for teaching theatre. When she is not on a stage, she spends her time with her husband and their own cat "children". 

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