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1. Please pay with PayPal, money order, check or cash
2. Download and fill out the registration form (mail or bring in the first day of classes) or fill out and submit
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3. Select which class(es) you are registering your student(s) by clicking register now on the corresponding 
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Due to restrictions in class sizes - you must fill out a registration form online, email us at or call us at (575) 571-1413 to register. All registrations are on a first come, first serve basis, and will be handled accordingly. Walk-in registrations will not be accepted!!! 


*Schoolhouse Rock Live! Jr. is CLOSED!!!*

*Week 1 Light and Sound Tech Workshop is CLOSED!!!*

*Week 2 Movement and Choreography Workshop is CLOSED!!!*

*Weeks 3-4 Acting and Characters Workshop is CLOSED!!!*  

Downloadable Registation Form (currently unavailable)